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You can't beat the nail designs from our designer

If you've ever wanted the glamorous, stunning nails you see on social media and celebrities, Jaqui Slays is the place for you. Our nail designer creates the intricate designs and dramatic nail shapes that are really popular right now. You'll be able to avoid a nail fail and get picture-perfect nails when you come to us.

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Our intricate nail designer has the skill required to give you a design that matches your inspiration and exceeds your expectations. We prefer to do long nails, but we can accommodate all kinds of requests. You can come to us to:

  • Try a bold and bright design
  • Get long-lasting nail enhancements
  • Strengthen and shape your natural nails
We even offer rhinestone and glitter nail options for anyone who likes a little sparkle. Reach out to us today to book a manicure. Be sure to ask about any seasonal or holiday specials we're running.

Enjoy your manicure experience

You're sure to love the time you spend with our licensed and friendly intricate nail designer. She operates out of her home, so you'll get to relax in a welcoming environment. If you're over 21, you can sip on complimentary wine during your appointment.

We also do house calls and will travel to Chicago if you book two to three weeks in advance. Call us now at 815-408-1171 to schedule a convenient manicure appointment.